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Princess Twilight Sparkle in my living room :iconwdearth:wdearth 2 0 3D model Alicorn Rarity in my living room. :iconwdearth:wdearth 5 0 My Little Pony OC: Drake :iconwdearth:wdearth 2 0 My Little Pony OC: Midnight Dark :iconwdearth:wdearth 2 1
BIG Party Plans (MLP fanfic)
The Summer Sun Celebration was coming up today, located in Canterlot right outside the castle, and Twilight and Pinkie Pie lately thought up a way to liven it up, they didn't tell anypony else how, they wanted to wait until the start of the party.
So, once the party starts at sundown, and everypony is having a good time, suddenly they see something enormous coming their way and soon see Twilight Sparkle flying and magically carrying a life size adult dark blue and green bellied dragon balloon, the same size as the red dragon Fluttershy convinced to leave, she sets it in front of everypony, then winks at them and makes the big balloon wave down at them and smile.
They ooh and smile upon seeing it do that. Then Twilight Sparkle makes it spread out its wings and do a muscular pose, then says, "Enjoy a new party attraction everypony. Pinkie Pie and me thought of it together. Move a giant balloon like a giant squishy puppet." as she makes it pin Moondancer under a big squishy foot and giggl
:iconwdearth:wdearth 0 3
Pinkie Pie and the Enchanted Bubblegum Part 2
Pinkie Pie then hears "Land sakes, Pinkie Pie, that's a big bubble!" and Applejack approaches and Pinkie Pie says, "It sure is, this is enchanted bubblegum. A pony nearby is selling it." and Applejack giggles and says, "Well, remind me to get some." and then Pinkie Pie's tail twitches, seconds before Rainbow Dash, having lost control of her flight for a moment, goes straight downward into the bubble and bounces back up a short distance and shakes her head as she hovers in the air and looks down. "What the...My fall was broken by a giant bubble? Awesome!" and Applejack giggles and bucks it up into the air. Rainbow Dash giggles and spikes it downward toward Pinkie Pie, who giggles as it pins her to the ground and bounces off. Rarity then approaches and says, "Sweet Celestia!" and the others giggle as Fluttershy flies over to it and hugs into it, "So soft." and Princess Twilight Sparkle approaches and says, "My goodness, that's a big bubble, I wonder." and she jabs it with her horn and it
:iconwdearth:wdearth 2 3
Pinkie Pie and The Enchanted Bubblegum: Part 1
Pinkie Pie was wandering around Ponyville when she saw a blue and green unicorn at a stand saying, "Hey everypony, try some enchanted bubblegum, you can blow big and sturdy bubbles easily with it." Pinkie Pie happily hops over and says, "That sounds like fun!" and he giggles and says, "One bit per pack." and she giggles and pays one bit and receives a pack from him. "I'll go for just one now, if I really like it, I'll buy more off you." and heads to a clear spot, puts a stick of the gum into her mouth, chews it up, then takes a deep breath, and blows a bubble as big as her head. Then blows again, it swells up to nearly as big as she is, and also notices that it's not sticking to the ground. She gives it a poke with a hoof, and it wobbles like a big balloon. She grins and blows again, and again, and again, and again, and continues until it has a diameter about 3x her height, and about half the height of Sugar Cube Corner, then seals it off and says, "Now that is quite an enchantment! :D
:iconwdearth:wdearth 5 3
Absol-utely enormous :iconwdearth:wdearth 7 17 Lugia wants to be a Poke-Mon-Star :iconwdearth:wdearth 3 6 request for Charlizard223 :iconwdearth:wdearth 0 4 Me on a giant hummingbird. :iconwdearth:wdearth 1 0 Second Life Giant Avatar :iconwdearth:wdearth 4 8 Jumbo Gro Plant Food :iconwdearth:wdearth 1 1 Rapidash, before... :iconwdearth:wdearth 8 3 Rapid growth in a Rapidash :iconwdearth:wdearth 7 2 Rapidash, after rapid growth. :iconwdearth:wdearth 13 4


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